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    A Letter From Lanette Oliver
    Dear KCHU Members,
    My Outlook is not working correctly so I cannot send a group email to our members, so I am resorting to our website and Facebook. As many of you know I have a shattered ankle and have had two surgeries and am having a difficult recovery. Unfortunately, this does not stop expenses at KCHU. So, as many of you also know, KCHU will have an online/on-air art auction March 10-14th. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT ART AUCTION SEE ARTICLE ABOVE. I am in dire need of volunteers to help at KCHU between 8-5 these days (I think it will be busiest between 9:30-4:30). It is easy and requires no training and I or someone else experienced will be there. It is mostly answering the phone for bids and running updates to the booth while I (or someone else) keep Facebook updated. If there are any members out there who are willing to donate some of your valuable time (30 minutes during your lunch hour?) to help with this, please call my cell at 972-835-6039 and let me know when you could help. Everything is greatly appreciated.
    Lanette Oliver
    KCHU Development Director

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