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New Underwriting Option-Your logo can be included on our new web site, Sound and Valley news, along with your underwriting announcement.   Click on the logo below to check out the site.  Contact ap@kchu.org to add this service to your current underwriting announcement or set up a new one.  

KCHU is the only 501 (c)(3) community supported radio station for Prince William Sound and the Copper River Valley. Our listeners are spread throughout a vast listening area of 45,000 square miles. As the only AM transmitting station in Valdez, your message reaches beyond the shores of Valdez, Cordova, Tatitlek, Chenega Bay, Whittier, Glennallen and McCarthy to the many vessels in Prince William Sound.

If you are a non-profit and interested in Public Service announcements, click here

Underwriting is an opportunity for YOU to actively and publicly support KCHU public radio. Our listeners are a well-traveled and well-educated audience. Because KCHU in Valdez is an AM station, it reaches locations FM stations cannot. To complete our coverage we are FM in Cordova, Tatitlek, Whittier, Glennallen and McCarthy. We appreciate our underwriters and take every opportunity to thank them for keeping public radio viable in our region.


Why Underwrite?

BENEFITS:  When you choose to underwrite with KCHU you take an active role in furthering the success of the only non-profit community public radio in Prince William Sound and the Copper River Valley as well as the success of your business.

  • Increase Your Visibility and Brand. Underwriting provides you with a high profile among KCHUs loyal, engaged, and well-informed audience.
  • Effective Communication. Your message will be heard in an uncluttered media environment. Public radio listeners appreciate the non-commercial language and are less likely to tune out than commercial radio audiences. The reputation of public broadcasting sets your message apart and enhances your visibility with an audience that expects quality programming and services.
  • Strengthen your image. Demonstrate your association with and support of KCHU’s commitment to the community, education, and public service. According to NPR studies, 80% of listeners agree that their opinion of a company is more positive when they discover it supports public radio and other non-profits.
  • Improve Your Bottom Line. Underwriting is a smart, cost-efficient, and effective use of marketing and public relations dollars. Your underwriting dollars are tax-deductible as permitted by law for 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations.
  • Your message will be distributed throughout a 45,000 square mile area. With three repeater stations and four translators, KCHU’s broadcast range is the largest in the region.


General Underwriting: A 15 second spot with a maximum of 40 words voiced by one of our professional staff. The spot will air run of schedule throughout our programming.

Program Specific Underwriting: A 15 second spot in support of a specific program or time.  This enables you to target specific demographics.  Fans of a sponsored program identify your business favorably as a supporter of content they love!

Click Here to see our current broadcast schedule.

Current Rates 

Add $20.00 per month to your contract to have your logo with a link to your web site or Facebook page on Sound and Valley News Sponsors side bar.

FCC GUIDELINES: FCC policy requires that underwriting announcement exist to identify, but not promote a sponsor’s business or organization.

Announcements may NOT include the following:

  1. Calls to Action (“call, stop by, invite, join, come” or phrases prompting action)
  2. References to price(“free, on sale…” or the actual price)
  3. Superlatives(“best, greatest, most reliable, more…” or other qualitative descriptors)
  4. Inducements to buy, rent, sell, or lease (“discounts, complementary…”)
  5. Comparative language however factual (award-winning, board-certified, top rated…”)
  6. Adjectives (“cozy, stellar, lovely, happy…”)


For more information call us anytime at 907-835-4665 or email ap@kchu.org



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