Sponsor Guidelines

You may download our underwriting guidelines in PDF format.

Underwriting announcements are 15 seconds in length and subject to FCC regulations and Terminal Radio, Inc. standard procedures.

KCHU Terminal Radio, Inc. reserves the right to refuse to accept underwriting from any entity which may be deemed inconsistent with KCHU’s image, not of general interest to KCHU’s listeners, or detrimental to the general welfare of the station.

While working to meet the needs of the contributor, KCHU Terminal Radio, Inc. reserves the right to write, edit and voice underwriting announcements.

Underwriting announcements may include:

  • Name of business or organization
  • Business’s address, telephone number, and/or website
  • Value-neutral descriptions of goods and/or services provided
  • Established, non-promotional slogan
  • Historical information

The basic wording for an acknowledgment of underwriters is: “Support for KCHU is provided in part by…”

Examples of acceptable underwriting announcements:

  • Support for KCHU is provided in part by Copper Valley Telephone, “the people you know.” Proudly serving Valdez and the Copper River Basin since 1961.
  • Support for KCHU is provided in part by Cinemania. Open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 to 10 in the green building at the corner of Hazelet and Egan. Information at 835-VIEW.
  • Support for KCHU is made possible in part by Grant Aviation. Reservations at 1-866-Fly-Grant, or on the web at flygrant.com.

Underwriting announcements may NOT include:

  • Promotional language
  • Comparative or qualitative language
  • Price information
  • Calls to action
  • Inducements to buy, sell or lease

Examples of unacceptable underwriting announcements:

  • Programming on KCHU is made possible in part by XYZ business, offering dependable services at fair prices. Call 555-1234 for more information.
  • Support for KCHU is provided in part by XYZ Wireless– a leading edge Alaskan communications cooperative. Offering superb wireless communication in Valdez, Glennallen, Cordova and beyond. Visit your local office today to speak with a customer service representative.

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