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Our KCHU streaming apps for use on desktop and mobile devices, designed especially for you (see links below)

Now including Podcasts of our Weekly Volunteer Shows.  So if you’re a fan of Eras of Country, Sweet Tides, Free Therapy with Shane, 80s Overdrive or #Moods, you can now listen whenever you want.  Check it out!  Click on the podcast tab in the upper right.

Online Radio Services

We’re still available on Tune In, but not for free. If you prefer it to using the link below you can use the free Simple Radio app on your phone.  The KCHU app is available free through Google Play and ITunes.

Follow the links below to listen to KCHU Terminal Radio Inc. live from any device!




How to download our streaming app to your phone



Joel Rosenblatt

Movin’ On up! Congratulations Joel Rosenblatt


Great show! We love the weather and news segment with Shahmeer, we're listening from Umeå, Sweden.


    That's so good to hear! That's what the streaming is for, so we can make friends all over. We'll let Shahmeer know he has fans.


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