Improved FM Reception

Receiving FM is a little different than getting AM signals. FM needs to be ‘line of sight,’ meaning that if there are things in between you and the transmitter, you’re likely to have some interference. Considering where we live, there is high likelihood you have something between you and the transmitter.

Most radios with antennas are set up to receive FM signals. Make sure to try to move the antenna around to see where the best signal is. Try moving the radio up, or near a window. If there isn’t a visible antenna it may be in the cord, so moving the radio without an antenna can still often times help. Sometimes having the antenna all the way out isn’t the best, so try different lengths as well as different positions.

If you can’t get the antenna near where the better signal is, you may try extending the antenna using thin wire (copper has worked well for me). Wrap it around the antenna and try different positions until the signal comes in strong. I have had a lot of success with this method.

And if these simple tips don’t work, you may need an external antenna. There are lots of makes and price ranges to choose from. They range from omni directional if you want to be able to get a lot of different stations. But you may want to consider a more directional antenna since there aren’t many options in the area. It will focus on the station you’re aimed at to bring it in stronger.

We are trying to find funding to get a variety of antennas that we can help listeners decide what option is best for your needs and situation. We will let you know when we have this option to help. If you are having troubles getting the signal and have tried these tips, contact us and we’ll do everything we can to help you get a better signal.

If you’re able to get KCHU, but it’s fuzzy, only in one room or in the car, an antenna will probably help (especially an external antenna). If you are unable to get it anywhere except for down the road, it might be harder to pull the signal into the radio. Take your best radio around your house to see where the best reception is. That will help determine the chances of getting a good clean signal.

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