PSAs-Public Service Announcements

KCHU airs Public Service Announcements or PSAs for not for profit entities only; non-profit organizations, government agencies, educational institutions.  As part of our mission, we air announcements up to six times at no cost, at our discretion.  But, because our airwaves are our ‘product’, we can’t afford to give people as much as they want, or even need, for free.  What we do instead is offer a rate that’s 15% below our commercial underwriting rate per 15 seconds of air time.  This rate includes production cost.  We will record your PSA.  You just send us a script.  Public service announcements typically run 30 seconds.  So use the underwriting rates x 2 to calculate your potential cost.    If you have questions, call the business office at 835-4665 and ask for Sue or email her at

rates here



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