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Annual Membership Letter

October, 2018


Annual meeting is scheduled for Saturday, December 8th at 6:00 pm at The Fat Mermaid.  We will count ballots and certify the election, possibly have a report or two and then adjourn for music and refreshments.  Come join us.

Ballot Information:  In an effort to save paper and money and in aid of our goal to go digital as much as possible, most ballots will be sent via email this year.  So check your inbox.  If we don’t have your email address, your ballot is in the mail and you should get it shortly.  Either way, if you don’t get one, please call 907-835-4665 or email Sue at  Candidate bios and annual meeting information below.

President’s Letter

Dear KCHU Members

Another year of good music and news has passed. Many thanks to the members, volunteers and businesses who have supported us throughout the year. Looking forward to good year ahead.

Randall Parker

President; KCH Board of Directors

General Manager’s Letter

As our economic recession grinds on for another year,  we are finding it harder to do more with less..  We have depleted all of our economic resources for basic operations.  We have no maintenance budget,  this is worry-some.   We do not want gear failure to shoot us down…   We have wonderful volunteers and hourly on air people…. the kind that money cannot buy.  They are very dedicated  and a joy to work with..We are moving into the streaming quite nicely… We will continue to do what we can  … as long as we can   …with what we can get… and hope that things turn around for us    regards   Johnny Anderson    GM

News and Events 11/2017-10/2018



Cool new programs



Programs back on the schedule




Candidate Bios

  • Bill Black– Cordova. I have been a fisherman in Cordova since 1971 and have been listening to KCHU since the station went on the air. I rely on the AM signal when I’m out in the sound and believe that is an essential service to the fisherman and others who sail there. I’m a big fan of the diverse programming offered by KCHU and listen to everything from Eras of Country to World Cafe to my favorite, Performance Today. I’d like to serve on the board and further support a radio station I love.
  • Amy Houck-Cordova- Bio will be posted when it is available
  • Shane Kimberlin-Valdez/Kenny Lake

    I was born in Fairbanks, Alaska and grew up in Kenny Lake and Valdez. After attending University in South Carolina, I moved to Portland, Oregon for a short time before returning to Valdez, Alaska. In 2017 I published my first book; a collection of short stories, poems and plays called It’s So Cold in Alaska and released a short EP called Nostos. Currently, I’m finishing up a sophomore album tentatively titled Disco Moses, and working on a project about Valdez that fuses musical theater, documentary, and avante garde film. My favorite food is coffee.

    I wears various hats at KCHU. On air, I host the weekly volunteer live music show Free Therapy with Shane, and occasionally takes over interview duties for Wednesday’s Coffee Break. Off air, I sit on the Board of Directors acting as Treasurer, am an active member of the Finance, Fundraising, and Events Committees, and volunteer for various KCHU events across the year.

  • Brad Reynolds-Cordova   I arrived in Cordova in 2004 and worked as a research ecologist for the Prince William Sound Science Center for seven years before buying into the Copper River commercial drift gillnet fishery.  My previous board experience includes two, three year terms with the Copper River Watershed Project where I served as secretary and later as board president.Public radio is a resource that I have greatly enjoyed since I was kid, and I believe serving on the KCHU board would be a great opportunity to contribute to something I feel is important.



  • Proposed By Law Change– Because one of our goals is to increase our digital presence and take advantage of our new streaming capabilities, and our membership outside our physical broadcast area is growing all the time, we want our streaming listeners who are members to be able to run for our board of directors.  This provision in our by laws was written well before there was such a thing as streaming and we believe it should be updated.  The reason we are limiting it to within the state of Alaska is because we have unique challenges that would require a lot of homework for someone living outside the state.

By Law Change: Article III, section 2 presently reads

  1. NUMBER, TENURE, AND QUALIFICATIONS. The number of directors shall not exceed nine, which shall be elected to serve staggered three year terms. Therefore annually one-third of the three year seats will be up for election. Each director shall hold office for the term elected. Directors shall be residents of the Terminal Radio broadcast area, and voting members of the corporation.

Proposed Change;

Directors shall be residents of the state of Alaska, and voting members of the corporation.


  • Ballot instructions-Although there are four nominees on your ballot, there are only three seats open.  Please only vote for three.  Ballots with four selections will be invalidated.  There will be further instructions with your ballot.  Don’t forget to vote on the by law change.

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