• Volunteers Needed

    A Letter From Lanette Oliver
    Dear KCHU Members,
    My Outlook is not working correctly so I cannot send a group email to our members, so I am resorting to our website and Facebook. As many of you know I have a shattered ankle and have had two surgeries and am having a difficult recovery. Unfortunately, this does not stop expenses at KCHU. So, as many of you also know, KCHU will have an online/on-air art auction March 10-14th. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT ART AUCTION SEE ARTICLE ABOVE. I am in dire need of volunteers to help at KCHU between 8-5 these days (I think it will be busiest between 9:30-4:30). It is easy and requires no training and I or someone else experienced will be there. It is mostly answering the phone for bids and running updates to the booth while I (or someone else) keep Facebook updated. If there are any members out there who are willing to donate some of your valuable time (30 minutes during your lunch hour?) to help with this, please call my cell at 972-835-6039 and let me know when you could help. Everything is greatly appreciated.
    Lanette Oliver
    KCHU Development Director

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  • United Way of Valdez grant

    KCHU is pleased to announce it is a recipient of a United Way of Valdez grant. This grant will support a 2014 project called “Giving Voice to Promoting Wellness and Self –Sufficiency.” The United Way donation will support program planning, production, and broadcast of a minimum of 12 episodes of the on-air show Coffee Break. As The United Way of Valdez endeavors to support organizations that make lasting, measurable changes in community conditions that improve lives each subsidized show will feature a specific community organization that “promotes wellness and self-sufficiency by providing education, counseling and assistance to individuals working toward self-sufficiency and/or provide enhancement and enrichment opportunities to develop healthy children, families and community.”

    KCHU recognizes that many non-profits in our community provide exceptional services, but as non-profits most of their financial resources go toward programs – with little left over for publicity that would be hugely beneficial to educate the public about the issues they address, their services, recruit volunteers, and let possible donors know about their great work. Through this project KCHU will leverage its greatest resource, the public radio airwaves, to help these non-profits get the publicity they deserve while providing the public with enormous amounts of information regarding important topics, as well as how to access these community support resources.

    While we would like to do as many of these shows as possible, they require a lot of staff time, so realistically we can probably only do twelve and two of those spots have been taken already. If you are with a local non-profit that might meet these requirements and would jump at the opportunity to do a live radio show talking about your organization, please contact Tony Gorman at 835-4671, news@kchu.org  or Lanette Oliver 24/7 at 972-835-6039 development@kchu.org

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  • Healthier You

    Wendy Clubb from City of Valdez Parks & Recreation with Healthier You will be joining us on Coffee Break tomorrow morning, Friday, January 24, from 9-10 am. Wendy will be talking about the Healthier You 12-week-long program and the Kick Off Event this weekend and biometric screening available January 28th -31st. This episode of Coffee Break will be brought to you in part  by a grant from United Way Valdez – endeavoring to support organizations that make lasting, measurable, changes in the community conditions that improve lives.

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  • Year of Changes

    Dear KCHU Supporter,

    As we look back on the last year we want to let our members know how grateful we are for the support. We hop you have been hearing our on-air happy holiday announcements.

    This has certainly been a year of events and changes. On the national level we made it through a government shutdown. This directly and indirectly affected many of our members. Even in that uncertain time, many of those furloughed gave generously. On the local level we lost one of our longest and greatest supporters, Connie Greene. On the organizational level, we had staff turnover: welcoming Kirstin Bayer as accountant, having to say goodbye to Nancy Meador, welcoming Lanette Oliver as the new Development Director, and wishing Danny Sparrell and his family the best when they moved to Fairbanks, and John Anderson taking over as the General Manager. Our Board of Directors lost Vince Kelly and Judy Almy (but she still volunteers!) and gained Diane Ellsworth and Sharry Miller.

    Keeping non-profit radio up and running requires all our staff, board members, volunteers, and supporters, so thank you for all your help and donations in the last year. Broadcasting in Alaska certainly has its own unique challenges! Thank you for your understanding when we are confronted with those. We continue to try to improve our broadcasting and programming.

    If you have already given this year, we thank you so much. If you have not had the chance to give yet, or would like to give again, there are still tow easy ways. You can donate to KCHU when you file your PFD online through the Pick, Click, Give program, or you can go to www.kchu.org anytime and   click the donate button. We are so grateful for all the support.

    Most sincerely,

    Lanette Oliver

    KCHU Development Director

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  • CVEA Community Foundation Grant

    Pictured: Jessi Gallatin, CVEA Community Foundation Board President and John Anderson, KCHU General Manager.

    KCHU is please to announce that it is one of several recipients of a grant from the Copper Valley Electric Association Community Foundation. The mission of the CVEA Community Foundation is “to provide scholarships for students and to make contributions to educational, scientific, and charitable organizations in our communities.” The Foundation’s two flagship programs are the Educational Scholarship Program and the Youth Leadership Program. The Foundation also makes contributions to local non-profit organizations to support new or expanding programs. The grant to KCHU supports program planning, production, and broadcast of 3 episodes of the on-air show Coffee Break, that specifically highlight educational and scientific events and programs that have connections to the Prince William Sound and Copper River Basin broadcast area. KCHU wishes to thank CVEA Community Foundation for the support.

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