What is Terminal Radio Inc?

Terminal Radio Inc. is the legal corporate name for KCHU, KXGA, KXKM, and the translators in the Copper River Basin and Prince William Sound. Terminal Radio is often referred to as KCHU alone, but that is just a small part of the reach of the station. Terminal Radio Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) with the main office located in Valdez and repeater stations in Glennallen (KXGA 90.5FM), and McCarthy (KXKM 89.7FM), and translators in Cordova (88.1FM), Chenega Bay (88.1FM), Tatitlek (88.1FM), and Whittier (88.3FM).

The broadcast range is almost the size of the State of Ohio or 48,000 Square Miles. The repeater stations in Glennallen and McCarthy are fully licensed and when the population in those areas can support them, they have the potential to operate as stand-alone stations with staff and locally produced programs. At the moment, there are portable studios (a laptop & microphone) located in Cordova, Whittier, Glennallen and McCarthy. If you would like information on how to produce a show for Terminal radio Inc in one of these locations call 907-835-4665. Or email the Station Manager HERE.


Why should I become a contributing member of KCHU ~ KXGA ~ KXKM Terminal Radio inc? 

Listeners who hold an active membership are vital to community public radio. The financial contributions of our members are “un-restricted funds” which can be utilized for crucial aspects of operation as simple as keeping the lights on, the music playing, and the programs you love on the air. These funds are accessible in emergencies such as, when transmitter equipment fails in inclement weather.

KCHU is Listener Powered and You keep public radio alive! Your Donations are also tax deductible and you will receive a receipt for your tax filing when you donate HERE.

A Membership to Public Radio allows you a vote in elections for the Board of Directors. As a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit, the Board of Directors steer the direction of the station and are your advocates to the station Management. See the Current list of Board members and contact them HERE.

Terminal Radio Inc also receives Federal and State funding. This funding is dependent on the number of our memberships. A low number of memberships can indicate a lack of community support which would result in lowered and reduced State and Federal funds.

The Stations development team applies for Grants which may support specific programs or activities, for example a United Way Grant supports certain Coffee break programs that serve the community. Grants may also support activities or educational programs but similar to Federal and State funds they are “restricted.”

If you choose to become a Member of KCHU ~ KXGA ~ KXKM Terminal Radio Inc we have some great thank you gifts! Some member gifts are kindly donated from Businesses in the community too! View what we have on-hand as a Thank You for your Membership Donation, HERE.


Why is my radio reception broken or inconsistent?

Terminal Radio Inc broadcasts in AM in Valdez to better serve the maritime and vessels in Prince William Sound. AM transmits more efficiently over water than FM which has a limited in range. There are repeaters for the FM signals in Glennallen & McCarthy, these act to cover the listening area but due to the Mountainous terrain combined with low valleys reception is impacted by your surroundings. If you live in a dense, rural or mountainous portion of the listening area it is possible peaks or hills may block or divert your signal.

For suggestions on boosting your FM at home this article has helpful tips on antenna selection, antenna placement and tips to reduce interference. Weather can impact our service to your area. If you normally have clear reception and have a break in service, Call us! At 907-835-4665 During business hours Monday through Friday and 1-800-478-5080.

Anyone can stream KCHU Live! online, and on mobile devices, at www.kchu.org


What do I do if the radio goes off the air?

Call us, please! It’s possible you are the first to notice and you can improve response time on an outage by calling 835-5080 or 1-800-478-5080. After hours, there is an answering machine to record your message.

Please leave these important details:

  • Where you are listening
  • When you noticed the break in service
  • and any other information you might have.
  • We appreciate you!

There are many different reasons why your radio has dead air;

  • It could be a problem with the program we download or air live from national distributors
  • There could be a failure of equipment in the station
  • There may be problems with the translators,
  • Or a myriad of other variables and possibilities, you’d be surprised!

It may take time to troubleshoot and fix the problem. Thank you for your patience in advance! We also thank our devoted members, listeners, volunteers and community for the support they offer KCHU annually.

Tweet us with information about breaks in programming or service. Follow our twitter for up to date info!


What if I hear a program repeat?

We use computers to record and play national programs automatically. Although the devoted staff attempts to listen 24 hours a day and to pre-check every program, every once in a while a program may air without being checked. If the computer failed to re-record a new program then the older filed program will replay. Please let us know if you hear the same program replayed so our staff can upload a new one for the next airing. Our listeners are literally our ears! Notify us by calling 835-5080 or 1-800-478-5080. Terminal Radio Inc is also looking for members in our community to hold a seat on the “Community Advisory Board.” More information can be found HERE.