So? How do Recurring Donations Work?

Recurring donations, also known as sustaining memberships, are the easiest, most painless way for you to donate to KCHU.  This is a very flexible system.  You choose the dollar amount.  You choose the frequency.  You choose how you want your payment handled.

  • Dollar amount-We can’t really afford to process $1.00-$4.00 donations, but anything from $5.00 up will work and be greatly appreciated.  If you use the donate button, be sure the amount you enter goes in the recurring section, not the one-time and that it’s how much you want to pay each time, not in total.
  • FrequencyIt doesn’t have to be monthly!  That’s how most people choose to do it, but you can set up your donation Yearly (just think, you wouldn’t have to worry about missing your membership renewal date), Twice a year, Monthly, Twice a Month, Every four weeks, Every two weeks, Quarterly, Weekly or even Daily.  So however your money gets deposited into your account, you can set it up so your donation won’t process before your deposit does.
  • How you pay-Obviously we need to use your credit or debit card.  The easiest way, the one most people use, is to have your account automatically charged each time.  That way you don’t have to do a thing.  We can set it up so you receive and email after each payment so you’re aware of it if you’re watching your bank balance.  But you can also set it up so that we send you an invoice with a link you can use to initiate your payment via email.   We do not mail paper invoices for recurring payments. 

Remember, using Donate on this web site is completely secure.  We do not ask for your credit card information on the form.  We will either email you an invoice with a link to pay directly through our accounting system’s high security site or call you for the information, your choice.


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