Businesses Do You Have Goods or Services to Donate ?

Many businesses in our listening area would like to support KCHU but don’t want to sponsor programming through underwriting.  Another way you can do this is by donating your products or services to KCHU.  Your donation in kind helps us and it can help you.  If you donate something that we would normally pay you for, we can count that as revenue to demonstrate local support to our grantors.  You can treat it like a charitable donation.  So if you give us a discount on our purchase of goods or services or supply us with some at no charge, it can benefit everyone.  The Corporation for Public Broadcasting does have some guidelines regarding this type of support.  But it’s nothing hard.  We just need you to fill out THIS FORM (there’s a letter with instructions first.  There’s a form on the second page)  and print it on your letterhead.  This is important, the federal government will not allow us to count your donation as revenue unless we have this form on file, completed and on your company letterhead.  If you don’t have letterhead, use your logo.  Or ask us to help you.  For more information about in kind donations, email

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