Contact Us

KCHU Terminal Radio, Inc.


PO Box 467
128 Pioneer Dr.
Valdez, AK 99686

Studio Line  (907) 835-5080
Toll-free within Alaska 1-800-478-5080
Office  (907) 835-4665 or
News Desk  (907) 835-4671
Fax  (907) 835-2847

Billboard announcements

The billboard is a daily listing of community events and messages.
​To include something in the KCHU Billboard send an email listing Who, What, When and Where to,  fax to 835-2847 or call 835-5080 or 800-478-5080.  There is an answering machine on that line if no one is here to take your call.  Items are listed first come, first serve, usually beginning a week before the listed date.  Time on the Billboard is limited, so please get your item in as early as possible.

You can also message us via FACEBOOK  or on TWITTER  @KchuRadio


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