City of Cordova March 30

cordovaFrom Laura Cloward, Information Services Director, City of Cordova “Your property assessment is an important number because it’s what the City uses to calculate your City property taxes. Each year, the City hires an independent contractor to assess your property in accordance with Alaska State law, determining the market value as of January 1st of the assessment year. According to the law, market value is the estimated price that the property would bring in an open market under the current market conditions. Once all properties are assessed, your City council certifies the final assessed value of all real property in the city and, by resolution, sets a fixed tax rate, also called a mill rate, by June 15th. Tax bills are mailed by July 1st to property holders. If you won property, your taxes are due in two installments – the first half due August 31st and the second half by October 31st of each year. More information can be found on the City’s website at