Public Radio Needs Volunteers

KCHU has many opportunities for volunteers.  Whether you would like to do radio theater, host a music show, or help behind the scenes in the office we could use your help!  Contact the station for more information on how you can help your public radio station.  There are even opportunities in other communities. If you want to help, give us a call 835-4665, 1-800-478-5080, or email gm@kchu.org.


Judy Almy (Tundra Blueberries)

Jackie Bowling  (Tundra Blueberries)

Dan & Jean DeBruler (No Road Reggae)

Dawson Moore (Coffee Break)

Lee Revis (Coffee Break)

Selah Bauer (Music for the Multitudes)

Randy Parker (Rancid Randy’s Moldy Oldies)

Tony Gorman (Angry Black White Break Company)

Johnny Anderson (Johnny Guitar)

Lanette Oliver (fundraising and public relations)

Karen Allred (fundraising and public relations)

Shana Anderson (fundraising)

Donna Lane (membership drives)

Nikki Newcome (membership drives)     Winamp windows Media Player