Public Radio Needs Volunteers

KCHU has many opportunities for volunteers.  Whether you would like to do radio theater, host a music show, or help behind the scenes in the office we could use your help!  Contact the station for more information on how you can help your public radio station.  There are even opportunities in other communities. If you want to help, give us a call 835-4665, 1-800-478-5080, or email gm@kchu.org.

Volunteer Application Here  please print or download and fill out.  You can drop it off at our offices at 128 Pioneer Drive in Valdez, mail it to PO Box 467 Valdez AK  99686 or use the link above to email it.

Report for Cordova Benefit Concert for KCHU Community Public Radio

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Performers: “Cabin Cruisers”- Kim Menster, Malani Towle, Aaron Bowman, and Heath Kocan.

“Kinda Celtic”- Annette Janka, Gayle Groff, Paul Swartzbart, and Jack Reilly.

Advertising: Flyers, KCHU Billboard, Cordova Classified Facebook Page by Miriam Dunbar

Homeport Access: Robert Prichard and Charley Pitchford

Sound System set up: Jack Reilly with his own system

Stage, chairs & tables set up: Miriam Dunbar

Emcee: Dana Smyke

Desserts & Beverages: Homeport

Concert attendance: about 40 people

Donations: $356

Memberships: $240 (4) (S Tee shirt given as premium)

Clean up: Dana Smyke, Miriam Dunbar, band and audience members, and Homeport crew.

Thanks to the performers, the attendees, and all the people who helped make the concert happen. It was a fun event with great music, a relaxed ambiance, and $596 was raised for KCHU. Thanks again to Homeport for letting us use the facility.

Miriam Dunbar

On-Air Volunteers:

*Your 1 pm music request set Monday through Friday 


Monday: Eras of Country  Sally Sage


Tuesday:  High Tide Radio Hope Findley

Wednesday Morning:  Rancid Randy’s Moldy Oldies  The Rancid One                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Wednesday: Free Therapy   Shane Kimberlin

Thursday:  80s Overdrive


Friday:   Johnny Guitar Johnny Anderson

Other Volunteer programs: 

Wednesday 9 AM – Coffee Break with Dawson Moore

Station Volunteers:

Kamilla De Azevedo

Shana Anderson

Donna Lane

Nikki Newcome

Paul Nylund

Maggie Nylund

Jeremy Robida

Sara Jorgenson-Owen

Guy Bergstrom

Bill Black

Dan Schally

Albert and Shyann Ramos

The McKay Family


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