Community Advisory Board

KCHU’s Community Advisory Board is always looking for members!

The Community Advisory Board Members are KCHU’s ears in the community. The CAB takes input from KCHU membership and members of the communities in our listening area and uses it to advise our General Manager on programming decisions such as new programs, changing broadcast times of specific programs, replacing one program with another, etc.   All public radio stations that receive federal funds are required to have a Community Advisory Board.  Ours meets about once per quarter.  If you are interested in joining the Community Advisory Board, email :  or call 835-4665 and ask for John.  Agenda belo

Legal description of the Community Advisory Board from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB)

Community Advisory Board

Grantees other than those owned by a state, a political or special purpose subdivision of a state or a public agency must have a CAB. The CAB responsibilities include:

• the right to review the station’s programming goals;
• the right to review the service provided by the station;
• the right to review significant policy decisions rendered by the station; and
• the obligation to advise the station’s governing body on whether the station’s programming and other significant policies are meeting the specialized educational and cultural needs of the communities served by the station, and to make recommendations that the CAB deems appropriate to meet such needs (47 U.S.C. § 396(k)(8)).

Glennallen– Jim Odden (Chair)

Copper Center – Tori Rego

McCarthy – Miles Erickson

Whittier – Paul Heimbuch

Valdez – Dave Perkins, Paul May, Nikki Newcome

Cordova – Bob Berceli, Cathy Sherman


The most recent Community Advisory Board meeting was held August 29th 2016

The next meeting is scheduled for November 14th, 2016 at 6:00 pm at the KCHU Business Office at 128 Pioneer Drive and via teleconference.  For more information email  or call 835-4665 and ask for John.

CAB minutes


CAB 8-29-16 Minutes


CAB 4-11-2016 Minutes






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