Board of Directors

Contact the Board of Directors at

President:  Paul Nylund (Valdez)
Vice President: Randy Parker (Valdez)
Secretary: Dan Schally (Valdez)
Treasurer: Sharry Miller (Valdez)

Sue Bergstrom (Valdez)

Harold Blehm (Valdez)

Tori Rego (Copper Center)

Liz Senear (Cordova)

Larry Miles (Valdez)

Meetings are held at the KCHU Studio (128 Pioneer Dr, Valdez) at 4:45 pm and via teleconference. Check the home page and listen to the Billboard for meeting dates. The public is invited to attend. To confirm the next meeting time & location please contact the station at:

835-5080 or 1-800-478-5080, or email