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KCHU-AM 770 is a 10,000-watt full service public radio station in the city of Valdez, Alaska.   KCHU’s signal can be heard in an area the size of Ohio, serving a population base of about 10,000 people.  There are currently around 300 members, with a listenership made up of a variety of different communities.  The station serves seven communities around Prince William Sound and the Copper River Basin.  KCHU is repeated by translators in Cordova, Whittier, Tatitlek, Chenega Bay and Chitina, and is carried by two full-service licensed stations in McCarthy and Glennallen.

KCHU can be heard at 770 AM in Valdez, a large rural port city with a population of about 4,300.  In the small fishing port of Cordova, you can tune in to 88.1 FM.  The Copper River Basin, including Glennallen and Gakona, is served by KXGA 90.5 FM, a 3,200-watt licensed station located on the top of Tolsona Ridge. Our strategic plan includes filling in some of the coverage gaps in Chitina and Kenny Lake area.

KCHU can also be heard at 89.7 FM in McCarthy, home to KXKM-FM, a licensed station located at the heart of Wrangell St. Elias National Park, the largest national park in America. Two translators repeat KCHU’s signal in Prince William Sound, serving Chenega Bay and Tatitlek at 88.1 FM.  Our farthest translator in the sound is located in Whittier at 88.3 FM, completing one of the largest public radio networks in America served by a single station – KCHU.