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    KCHU was thrilled to host a field trip from FOCUS Homeschool on April 22. Educational tours were conducted by Karen Allred, KCHU staff. Students were lead through the entire station operation from how it is powered and how radio is transmitted and received with radio towers and satellite dishes. They were invited to speak in the production booth mics and hear their voices, and student Maddie Franklin recorded the KCHU call letters for broadcast! At the end of the tour, attendees were treated with pastries donated by Safeway and a goody bag from KCHU, as well as a coloring book from SPACE: Science, Physical, and Academic Enrichment, in honor of Earth Day. If your family or group would like to schedule a tour of KCHU please call 835-4665

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  • KCHU Represented at Highway Neighbors Conference

    KCHU staff members Lanette Oliver, Development Director, left, and Karen Allred, Morning Edition, right, were pleased to attend the Highway Neighbors Conference sponsored by the Valdez Convention and Visitors Bureau. The event was launched with a reception hosted at The Valdez Museum and catered by The Chocolate Gypsy on the evening of April 16th. On April 17th events began with a breakfast catered by The Chocolate Gypsy and an opportunity to learn about our Highway Neighbors including The Valdez Museum, Gilpatrick’s Hotel Chitina, Bear Paw Camper Park, Stan Stevens Cruises, as well as others. The day included guest speakers sharing information about 2014 road closures, fishing information, social media, Alaska visitor industry trends, and what the State of Alaska is doing to promote tourism in Alaska. The event closed out with a dinner, again catered by The Chocolate Gypsy. KCHU wishes to thank Selah Bauer for all her hard working putting this event together.

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