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770 AM Valdez * 88.1 FM Cordova * 88.3 FM Whittier

89.7 FM McCarthy * 90.5 FM Glennallen





Thank you all so much for your generous support of KCHU Community Public Radio during the Annual Spring into Summer membership pledge drive! Although we didn’t reach our goal, the amount of support we received and the new members we welcomed to the KCHU family will allow us to continue our vision of a fully-engaged, supportive community receiving the optimum benefit from Public Radio. On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff and volunteers – Thank you very, very much!


With the Governor’s budget veto KCHU and other Alaska Public Radio stations saw another significant decrease in funding – that’s a cut of almost 60% in just two years! You can help – please encourage your neighbors, family and friends to support Public Radio in their area. If you donated this year, please share with others why you do – post it to Facebook – shout it proud that you support Public Media.


If you haven’t donated, every little bit counts, please consider becoming a sustaining member with a monthly subscription membership of $5, $10 or $15 a month. 


Just click the BIG RED DONATE BUTTON –> or donate here:







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